Oh Hello!

How are you? How has your day been?  

Oh me, I'm doing great, I just launched this project, and I really believe in it, and... Oh, you want to know WHO I am, I'm sorry!  Let me start over!

I'm Bridget, I love skincare and all beauty products.  I'm a sucker for a good label, and I never have enough patience to wait the 4-6 weeks to see results. On that note, I can never wait for mail order either, my patience, none I tell you, it really doesn't exist.  Plus, I love buying things in store, touching, smelling, sampling, asking questions, it's an experience we can't yet get on a computer screen.

OH, and I almost always research products for hours before buying them, then walk into a store as if I'm clueless, seriously, I don't want the girl at the counter to hold back any pearls of wisdom she may have!  Maybe that was TMI.  I know, I know, I'm weird and an anomaly in a convenience-by-Amazon driven world, but maybe there are a few more out there like me.

Ok, that's the crazy that I am.  Oh, Rouge, is just me and those around me giving honest options on beauty and grooming products, and then trying to help you locate them, in your area. We're in Southern California, so we're starting in our area, and as we get some wiggle room, we'll move into your area to tell everyone about your favorite local spots.  

We're not scientists, or makeup artists, heck, we aren't even insta-famous.  We're just real people, kinda obsessed with products and the pursuit of "I woke up like this" skin and hair.

Well, we're heading out to write the real content. See ya!

Hey, I forgot to tell you.  It's really good to meet you, lets do something again soon.