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Skincare:  It Takes An Army

Skincare: It Takes An Army


I must admit, my fixation over skincare isn't something I've dwelled on for years.  I was pretty lucky all through high school, and didn't have a problem until I hit my early 20's.  Suddenly, there it was, adult acne. After a few drugstore face washes failed me, and a few Sephora recomendations didn't do much better, I finally gave in to the ever popular Pro-Active. That worked for a few years, until the acne went away, and I was good with simple facewash for a bit.

Then, like a clock, I started really worrying about my skin on my 27th birthday. I kept getting these irrational concerns over dark spots, and felt it was time for a big girl routine.

Let's just say, skincare wasn't a focus growing up.  I had a long road ahead of me.

Over the next few months I spent a lot of time on blogs, talking to sales reps at skincare counters, and quizzing my friends about their favorite products. I found that the hardest part of it all wasn't finding good products, but figuring out what order to use it all in.

Now that I've been at it for a good year, and I've done my research and asked my questions, here it is. It's not perfect, and I'm sure it will change, but this is what works for me now, and I hope it helps you find what works for you.

I'm not going to go over exact products in this post, but a rough outline of what type of products I use.  Future posts will review products, and hopefully this will help you understand where they fit into my regime.


1. Makeup remover or Micellar water.  I usually start by taking away all my makeup and toxins for the day, and prep for the good stuff.

2. Cleanser: This could be a cleansing balm, milk, oil, or soap.  If your skin is a bit older or your looking for that young dewy look, I recommend one of the first 3.  Don't worry, the next step will make sure you don't break out.

3. Exfoliating Toner:  This was the game changer for me.  If you get a good exfoliating toner, it will keep you clear of any major breakouts and help keep your skin glowing.  Go with a BHA if breakouts are a concern, and an AHA if anti-aging is a higher priority.

4. Essence:  I don't always use this, but if it's part of my current lineup, this is where I use them.

5. Serums or creams:  This is were I layer anything that's fixing my ailments (i.e. dark spots!!!). I typically use one at a time, but if you have multiple, start with the lighter of formulas and work your way up.

6. Moisturizer or oil:  Some people use both, I don't.  It's too much on my face, so I stick to one or the other.



1. Makeup remover or Micellar water:  Get rid of any leftover makeup (you know your eyes hide some, regardless of how hard you try).

2. Cleanser: Same rules as above.  

3. Exfoliating Toner: Same rules here too, if you have a stronger acid toner meant to be used less frequently I skip this.  Just make sure all oils or balms got fully removed from the last step.

4. Essence or Rosewater:  Same thing, if they're around, I use them.

5. Moisturizer:  I like to put this on before my essence or rosewater dries, like I'm sealing it in. 

6. Sunscreen:  Just do it!  Don't forget.

7. Oil (optional): This is kinda rare, but in really cold, dry weather, sometimes I want an extra boost, so I'll rub a bit of face oil on my cheeks before I do my makeup for that extra glow.

So there you have it, this is my plan when I'm being good.  Then there are the days I wake up, wash and moisturize, but we won't talk about those.


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