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Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Something about being around my sister makes me so calm, happy, and energized, all that the same time... Well, most of the time.  It might be the shared desire to eat delicious treats, her ability to built the perfect Pandora station, or the fact that she'll let me put green goop on her face while she's getting ready for work. What ever it is, I'm glad she's required to put up with me.

We were visiting when I really wanted to put on a face mask.  I didn't have a face mask I wanted to use, I just wanted a skin refresh in the middle of the afternoon.  That's normal, right?  

There wasn't a Lush or Sephora near by, but that's ok, this blog is about finding beauty locally so, that's what we were going to do.  We went to the Sprouts Market down the street from her house and perused wholesome rows of organic skin care.  I've noticed that with organic companies, half have amazing packaging, and the other half have the worst packaging I've ever seen.  Since I'm really bad at judging a book by it's cover and there were only 2 Face Masks, it was a quick trip. We grabbed the Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Facial Masks, and were soon on our way looking like "Green Sea-Monsters" as the packaging described.

The packaging stated that Argan Stem cells and Chlorella Growth Factor would revitalize our cells.  I had no idea what Chlorella Growth Factor was before this, and I didn't think it would be a Wow ingredient, but after a little research I've found that people are using this in patients that need recovery from some pretty harsh treatments. Face Masks are lucky to have it!  This mask also has French (French is a sucker word for me) green clay, to clean out ya' deamons for the week.  Then to moisturise there's Argan Oil, CoQ10, and Seabuckthorn Oil, which is the part I need most after this dry, dry winter!

Well, as Katy put it "We went from Glinda to Elphaba" and waited for our results.  The smell was unexpected from a mask, but pretty refreshing.  Almost like a sweet parsley smell, maybe a green juice made with parsley.  After a few minutes it does start to tingle a bit, nothing bothersome, just noticeable.  Then it's time to wash it off.  For this part, I would recommend having a washcloth handy.  It wasn't difficult to get off, but it did have more staying power than most masks.

When it was done, I put on my moisturizer and hung out for a few minutes to let the results set in.  My sister went straight back to getting ready.

What did I think?  I've been trying hundreds of products and a whole routine of serums and oils, and the glowing-dewy-skin I covet was available in a 15 Dollar mask???  This is the best!  I didn't even want to put on makeup after this.  So I didn't, I went makeup free the rest of the day, and I enjoyed it.

Hey, it's St. Patrick's Day... This could be your green!  Try it and tell me what you think!

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