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Get Right for Summer: Dry Brushing

Get Right for Summer: Dry Brushing


Ahh, that moment you realize it's time to put on a bikini, and you just spent all winter keeping your skin just hydrated enough to not scratch it all off.  I had that moment just this week, and instantly winced at the thought of putting on a bathing suit.  There's just so much prep work, but I was craving a pool and a fancy drink.   It was time to buckle down and start experimenting with tricks to make my thighs 'Yonce smooth.

After a bit of experimenting, googling and some assistance from the Instagram community, I had quite a few tricks that you may want to keep in your pocket to get your bottom half smooth and delightful!  Because, I can't tell short stories, we're going to make this a mini series, I present to you Get Right For Summer, A Workout Free Plan.



Dry brushing is one of those things that looks like you may be getting yourself in the middle of a Pinterest scam, but then you look at what it takes and think, "But what if it works?!?!" The idea is that if you use a firm natural bristle brush, to massage your skin, it will improve circulation and leave you with reduced cellulite and firmer skin. 


How to:

1) Buy a natural bristle body brush.

2) While your skin is dry, brush in long strokes towards your heart.  Focusing extra attention on problem areas (I'm looking at you thighs!).  

3) Continue 1-2 times a day based on what you have going on this week, some days are busier than others! 

4) Enjoy results... See, it's not that much work. 


So I went to the personal care department of my local natural foods store, and bought a brush.  The next few days, before my shower, and sometimes before relaxing for the night, I would dry brush all my smooth skin wishes into my body.  What did I think?


First things first, it felt lovely.  I'm a sucker for an enjoyable ritual, and a reason to enjoy some time to myself. One point for dry brushing! As for the cellulite, I saw a noticeable but slight improvement, of course I know you can't get the results of a month of Pilates out of a brush, but how stoked would you have been if I got to share that miracle with you?  

Although it didn't blow me away in the cellulite department, I did love how soft and bump free my skin felt.  This does such a great job at exfoliating.  I've always suffered from small bumps on the backs of my legs from shaving, and had never quite found the fix.  These bumps weren't really noticeable in most situations, but I've always been self conscious about them.  Thanks to dry brushing, they've disappeared, and I don't miss them a bit!


After everything, this wasn't quite the miracle the Internet claimed, but I'm glad I found it, and it's staying in my routine.

Have any of you tried Dry Brushing? What did you think?

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